Winter sports are great and can bring a lot of joy – however, this joy unfortunately ends up in hospital for many skiers and snowboarders!


Every year in Austria, about 52,000 skiers and snowboarders (source: VVO) injure themselves so bad that they have to get treatment in hospital. The severity of the injuries has increased over the past few years. The media repeatedly report about the serious consequences that arise from skiing accidents. Still, about 80 % of all accidents that happen on the slope are falls without third-party responsibility. These accidents are often caused by overconfidence, boast, skiing at high speed or defective equipment. Apart from this, another great source of danger are amateur skiers who underestimate the difficulty of some runways. According to expert opinion, even though there are many dangers when doing winter sports, approximately 90 % of all accidents could be prevented.


Apart from wearing a helmet, it is necessary that the ski/snowboard binding is set up by a professional to ensure the safety of the winter sportspeople. Snowboarders should additionally wear a wrist support as well as a back protection vest. Another important tip is to take breaks, especially when there are children in the group. If you are foresighted and do not overestimate your capabilities, nothing should stand in the way of a fun day on the slope.


In case something does happen, it is beneficial to have a private accident insurance because the statutory accident insurance does not support you in case of leisure-, sports- and domestic accidents. Taking precautionary measures by getting a private accident insurance protects you when required. The Helvetia accident insurance for individuals offers customized packages for every life situation.


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